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"You have never seen an 'Our Town' quite like [this] exquisite, emotionally potent production [by] Miami New Drama..."

- Miami Herald Review


This is...OUR TOWN

I'm proud to announce I have the pleasure of playing George Gibbs in Miami New Drama's production of OUR TOWN!

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"Originally, I saw Paris as an oaf — a misguided, oblivious fool"

- New Haven Independent Interview with MKL

Elm Shakespeare Presents: Romeo and Juliet!

Big things are happening!! I am proud to announce I will be playing Paris in Elm Shakespeare's production of Romeo and Juliet! -- The first of (hopefully) many Regional Theater gigs!

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NEW SIDES: Welcome to Bedford-Stuyvesant Heights!
Feat. PrinceAnthony Hall - Rodolfo Soto - Martin Lewis - Kat Christensen - Marcus Mars - Devon Marra - Emerald Rose Sullivan

Shot by the talented Frank Bongjio

REINA WEB SERIES - Final Season (Coming Soon)

REINA the Web Series follows a 20 year old New Yorker through her relationships, all nighters, drunken adventures and mishaps. With a little (a lot) of help from her friends Reina is getting through her twenties one hangover at a time.

(Catch Up on S1 & S2 by clicking the photo)

(Check out the S3 promo here)


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Graduation is just around the corner, and with the ending of one journey, I set my sights on the horizon of my next!